Reveal MedSpa - Scammed and Ready to Sue


Unbelievable the rage I feel at the fact that the treatments were nothing like what was described -- neither pain-free nor effective. Despite great staff, I am still awaiting word on who will make good on nearly $1,200 in credits. I even told the salewoman that the significant money I was handing over (10,000) for full body treatments was from my deceased husband's life insurance to try to start over and shed some of the stress of his long illness, to begin again. They took that money without any concern that the treatments would end up having me in great pain, to still be waxing and still owed $1,200 in services I could never get scheduled. I bought my services in Pentagon City and asked to be scheduled there. They then put me into the DC scheduler as "not time was available in VA."

When they started cancelling appointments on me, at DC location, because they were closing, I asked if business was OK. They said, "Oh, yes, we just can serve our customers better in VA." HAH! They couldn't get me in Pentagon due to being overbooked!

I know what it takes to run a business and this is really a scam. I do hope someone takes up a class actiona and that I can be part of it.

If you're looking for the owners of Reveal Medspa, read below

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I found out through Medalase that the OWNERS who claimed their company Reveal went bankrupt are Paul & Sally Amoruso.They are now running another company called WeightNot.

They are on Facebook and on Linkedin. I found out through Medalase that the OWNERS who claimed their company Reveal went bankrupt are Paul & Sally Amoruso. They are now running another company called WeightNot. They are on Facebook and on Linkedin.

I found out through Medalase that the OWNERS who claimed their company Reveal went bankrupt are Paul & Sally Amoruso.

They are now running another company called WeightNot.They are on Facebook and on Linkedin.

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Reveal MedSpa - Hair removal does not work

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I was told I was an ideal customer (in terms of skin and hair color).After $1000 and 6 sessions over one year, I have little to no results.

I was only told that I could order more sessions, and that it happens sometimes. I am extremely dissapointed and angry I wasted money and was not even offered a session or two free to get results I was promissed.

Don't waste your money and time.

The company is now Medalase and I know they use the same machines and nurses, so don't be fooled by the 'new look'.Buyer beware.

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Reveal MedSpa - How can they say the pkg is null and void?


Same as everyone on here, I had two face peels left in my pkg and the same doctor who readily had my records is now saying Id have to buy two more to get those two- well to all those saying its a diff company its the same doctor and the same company with a diff name so he could file bankruptcy - I called Amex and they are going to reverse the charge for 2 of the 6 - we'll see what happens - I hope that crook goes out of business as Medalase as well as Reveal did.

Reveal MedSpa - Reveal or Medalase, don't be robbed!

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Reveal Medspa is no more.Now, the one in Pentagon City has changed it's name to Medalase!

You buy a package of 6, then mid way through your package, you are told that Reveal is no more and, too bad so sad, Medalase is not responsible any longer for your treatments with the Palomar laser. They say they feel an ethical responsibility to finish your treatments, but you have to sign a release stating they are not responsible for any refunds owed by Reveal! Then, they ask for an additional $25 for your medical records. If you have our medical records, how are you not responsible for our treatments!?

Such bull ***! Changing your name does not absolve you of your ethical responsibility to people that depended on specific equipment used because it actually had results.

Or, is it that you'd rather use lasers that don't really work in order to delay and therefore continue selling hair removal packages.You've screwed others and we will unite!

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Every one one here commenting that Medalase is really Reveal in disguise seems to spew information without taking the time to research if it is factual or not.I am assuming the majority of you are intelligent individuals, but guess education doesn't go that far if you can't differentiate between fact and fiction.

Reveal went out of business and its owners, have since opened up another business elsewhere, not Medalase. Anyone who knows anything about business knows a new business has no contractual obligation to cover what YOU lost at the hands of another business and its owners.

Furthermore, if Medalase is even willing to work with old disgruntled Reveal members is excpetional because I don;t see any business even remotely stepping up to the plate to try and help anyone out who has lost money with another company.Common sense people, try and acquire some...instead of slandering a new company who bears no responsibility for what Reveal did...


I just got off the phone and found out my "will never expire" bank of botox will not be honored unless I buy the same number of units from Medalease.....basically a two for one, but BS if you ask me.

what is to stop them from simply filing bankruptcy (change your name and get away with THEFT)on me again? Take advantage of me once, shame on you, take advantage of me twice shame on me... does anyone know if the class action law suit moved forward?

I'm also wondering about small claims court....what a crock!


I had over $1,000 worth of credits with Reveal that we're guaranteed to "never expire" by the Reveal saleswoman.Now that they've pulled this bait and switch, what are my options as far as either getting my remaining credits honored by Medalase or getting a refund?

I'd like to await small claims court if possible, but I'll do whatever's necessary to either receive the services I paid for or get my money back. Please post if you've been successful with either of these options.

My package was originally purchased at the Springfield location, but after they closed, I was treated at the Pentagon Row location several times before they changed their name to Medalase and refused to honor customers' packages.Please advise!


I was also ripped off by the Reveal/Medalase swap.I purchased a 5 session package from Reveal and Medalase told me they would honor that package and actually did one session.

When I tried to make an appointment for the 4th session they told me they decided not to honor it anymore. Medalase assumed the patients and packages of Reveal and therefore assumed whatever debt accompanies it. If they were truly a separate company and not a name swap then they wouldn't have assumed all patients under false pretenses.

This company is extremely unethical and has no integrity whatsoever.This is no way to run a a business and if they did this once what's to stop them from name swapping again ripping hundreds of people off on their packages once again.


I bought a package of bottox at Reveal and I no longer wanted to receive this treatment, so they said that they would let me buy skin care products with the left over money.I bought some products in the spring.

I did not know that Reveal changed names until l I tryed to call them yesterday. I talked to Medalase they told me that I have a credit of $148 from Reveal, but they will not honor that. They said that Medalase did not buy Reveal and they are a differnt company. If they are a different company why do they have all of my information?

I was told that if I am savvy I should be able to find someone from Reveal and get my money back.I found out that the owner of Medalase use to work for Reveal, so I called the company back today and they still will not use my credit towards any products or services.


they took our money ,dont gave me any good service and now they say that if you want continue and finish your treatment you should buy a new service to guarantee that you can finish your old one.

I thought Im in the great country ' America " where the justice is always here to serve the citizens !

New customers should be aware that if they buy any package of services from this supposed new company " who has a lll the same equipment and employes and owner ,they should be very careful because in the future they can do the same to them as well!

Find a better and solid company because this " New so called company is full of robbers!!!!!

to Mailu Long #583901

What about the justice for Medalase and the employees who have been hurt just a bad?

to ???? #601881

How in the world did the employees get hurt?Did they get ripped off hundreds even thousands of dollars like their patients?

Medalase doesn't deserve justice because they are trying to piggyback off of Reveal patients and in doing so ripping them off.Instead of working hard to build their own company and clientele they are trying to steal from others.

to ??? #603500

You will never know how it has impacted every person that has a connection with the corrupt "R", but I do have to say Medalase is there to help you, not kiss your butt. If there is no money to be made there are no services to give.


Apparently Medalase is owned by a "doctor" who used to work for reveal and has decided that he will not honor Reveal's contracts.I was told today that my and my wife's laser treatments won't be honored anymore.

Between us we still have 5 treatments worth over $2,000. This whole thing smells like a scam to me. I was told that Medalase was honoring Reveal's contracts out of the goodness of their heart, and that they won't do it anymore. As far as I know if you take on a contract then you take on all that comes with it.

DO NOT GO TO MEDALASE!They will probably change their name in a few months and renege on the contracts they are signing now.


They change products and they don't give back refunds?The new machine they use is junk.

The process is very painful and its not worth getting these treatments if it doesn't do anything. They take 2 weeka minimum to reply back. They never give you straight forward answers. oh did I mention they don't give refunds even if its their fault!

They suck.Hope they bankrupt because they are running a scam


Using the analogy of walmart shutting down and target opening in its places is not accurate.More like Medalase bought Reveal including its clients and its business and changed its name from Reveal to Medalase.

Anyways on to my story.

They changed the laser machine they were using for my tattoo removal right before my last treatment. My technician tells me that's its better than the one before and I have nothing to worry about. So I get my last treatment and after discussing with a so called consultant I decided to book 2 more treatments.

The result I go from the last treatment from the new machine was so bad I did not want to return there anymore.I asked for my money back and they told me its not in their policy

to bad business New York City, New York, United States #591364

Using the analogy of Walmart closing their doors and Target opening in it's location is completely ACCURATE!You really should get your facts straight before posting FALSE information.

Medalase did NOT buy Reveal. I'm sorry that you seem to be another Reveal victim, among thousands, but taking your frustration out on a different company is wrong. I was initially pissed that I lost 50 units of Botox, but once Medalase explained they would honor my Reveal units with a purchase, I had to think about it. If I went after Reveal it was likely I would end up losing more money for nothing.

As a substitute Teacher, I don't have unlimited funds to spend.I did my research , you should do yours!


Let's see, you gave money to Reveal and you now expect another company to treat you.

Reveal keeps your money and Medalase have the pleasure of treating you for free.

How is that fair? It's akin to buying a gift card from Walmart and expecting Target to redeem it because Target now occupies the same space as Walmart did.

Use your head people, how would you feel if whom so ever you worked for closed. And you now had people demanding of you to provide what ever it was that they contracted with your old employers. You didn't see a penny, yet you're expected to pony up a service. Would that sit well with you?

I am highly satisfied with the services I've received to date. And feel if you rid yourself of emotion and think logically you won't be so quick to lump Medalase with Reveal. Don't go disparaging a company trying to help mitigate your loss.

Some of you malcontents are really sounding terribly selfish and ignorant.


I just called Medalase today to schedule an appointment.I had 1 face peel, 2 face fotorenews, 3 decollete fotorenews, and 49 units of Botox banked.

Now Medalase is saying "oh yes, we honor them, but they are all expired as of June 2012." So all of these -- paid for -- are lost. And now I am to Medalase and purchase new packages, with its owner having been previously affiliated with Reveal?

No.They have lost me as a customer completely, and I will join a class action lawsuit against Reveal and/or Medalase.

to Both Reveal and Medalase are d #583908

Go some where else. You are lucky Medalase is trying to make things a little less painful. I do not think any other "med spa" would do the same.


As mentioned above, Medalase did send an email back in July saying they would honor Reveal's packages.And they did honor my package in Aug.

when I went in for my appointment but will not honor the remaining package now that I want to schedule another appointment, unless I make an additional purchase. New company or not, who in their right mind would make another future purchase for beauty services after being burnt like this by Reveal?

The funny thing is that Medalase is operating just like Reveal and hasn't skipped a beat. They have all the customer info.

They send the same emails with package deals.Everything seems all too fishy to me.


I received an email on July 23rd from Reveal that stated....

"......please be assured that Medalase will honor and perform any remaining treatments you have with Reveal".

Be warned, when you go to your appointment, you'll be hit up for more money to continue services you have already paid for.

Very shady operation.


I went to Reveal Medspa in PCM.I purchased Botox of which I still have 25 or 28 units left worth a little over $400.

Well, according to their rep. I can get my units back if I spend another $400 for 25 more units, then bank the rest of the units. I think I will consider the $400 lost money and find another doctor.

I don't think I subscribe to their so-called banking procedures.:(


I spent $5k here and reveal kept canceling my appts bc they would double book.Now, my contract has run out they're out business.

What can we do!?!Can a lawyer even help here?


I worked for this company years ago and knew then they were shady business people. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that until after I recommended treatments to friends using my employee discount. I felt terrible when my friends complained the "Pain-Free" and other treatments didn't work.

If you look up court records, you'll find that Reveal owes almost $2 million in back taxes and fines dating back to at least 2009. They KNEW things weren't looking good but in their greed, they went ahead with bogus promises and claims in order to make a sale.

I feel sorry for people who essentially threw away their money but GOOD RIDDANCE.


I previously worked for Reveal and I know that they didn't just change their name. It's completely new ownership, please get your facts right before assuming. Frustration is very common when a company closes their doors, but just because a new company is renting in the same space and trying to help the clients, does not mean to take it out on them. If anything, Medalase is trying to please everyone, but not receiving any money for it. So please think again.

Would you be mad at Starbucks if they closed their doors and a local coffee shop opened in their same place?

You have a right to be upset, but think about why and who you should be mad at...

to **** #601888

If it is completely new ownership then way did they take all the Reveal patients?Why did Reveal send emails saying Medalase would replace them and why did Medalase send emails saying the same?

The fact is Medalase walked a fine line that legally may have been okay but ethically was not.

The new coffee place wouldn't have told it's consumers that it would honor all remaining Starbucks gift cards and then all of a sudden take it back.That's the difference between a successful, ethical company and Medalase.



No results. They take your money and give you empty promises. Almost every time I went in for my services the Sales Manager(who sold me my packages) was putting employees on blast. It could wait.

I don't go into a place to hear insults. Front desk(with redish hair) not so friendly. Very negative feeling in there. Looks like an office and not a Spa feeling at all.

I took my money and went to Radiance.

At least they are true to their name.So NO thank you to Meda-BS!


Reveal Medspa is no longer in business and Medalase is a new company that was formed by the former Medical Director of Reveal.Even though there is no legal obligation to do so, Medalase is making an effort to honor packages that were purchased through Reveal.

I'm not sure how anyone can claim that they are being negatively affected.

In actuality, Medalase is going above and beyond ethical obligations by continuing to provide services to the former Reveal clients.I am one of the clients that purchased services through Reveal but will benefit from Medalase continuing the services.

to Satisfied Customer #601890

They only honor the current packages by forcing the patients to purchase a new package. Shows how money hungry this place is and bribery in a normal persons mind is unethical.


You should think a little bit about your position before you go threatening legal action.First, if treatments are honored by a new company (even if with technologies deemed reasonable substitutes), then it would be pretty difficult to show any harm or legal basis at all, and you'd be at risk for counterclaims for slander or libel as well as penalties for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Second, suing a company that is out of business is like suing a dead man -- not very good use of time.Class actions are typically taken up by contingent lawyers who hope to make a killing after investing a lot of time and effort, so the first thing they do is assess the legal basis (probably none), then look for potential for recovery (also probably none from a shuttered company).


I believe that Reveal has changed its name in connection with a lawsuit that was filed against them as an attempt to duck liability.Fear not.

A class action may be forth coming. Please send an email to if you have been ripped off by the Reveal-Medalase swap or if you have been delivered treatment other than what you thought you signed up for. This means IPL instead of LASER hair removal or any other swap.

Also please indicate if you live in DC or Virginia and at what locations you received treatments.Thank you.


I don't know if Reveal is Medalase in disguise, but I do know that my treatments have been honored.And I've gotten good results and terrific customer and physician service.

Hate to say it, but to be disgruntled when you're getting treatments with even better technology sounds some what ignorant.No offense, but in this day and age when people step up as they're doing is pretty darn rare.


Reveal Medspa is no more.Now, the one in Pentagon City has changed it's name to Medalase!

You buy a package of 6, then mid way through your package, you are told that Reveal is no more and, too bad so sad, Medalase is not responsible any longer for your treatments with the Palomar laser. They say they feel an ethical responsibility to finish your treatments, but you have to sign a release stating they are not responsible for any refunds owed by Reveal! Then, they ask for an additional $25 for your medical records. If you have our medical records, how are you not responsible for our treatments!?

Such bull ***! Changing your name does not absolve you of your ethical responsibility to people that depended on specific equipment used because it actually had results. Or, is it that you'd rather use lasers that don't really work in order to delay and therefore continue selling hair removal packages.

You've screwed others and we will unite!1d85c87


So you've never tried their technology, but you somehow know that it won't work, and are so sure of this that you complain in advance of giving it a chance?First, I am certain that Reveal's contracts allowed them to select any technology they saw fit, and did not sell you treatment on a specific device - that is a misrepresentation of what you purchased.

Second, Medalase appears to use a diode, which is the gold standard of wavelengths -- and a device that has multiple modes so that they can use high speed or "blast" your treatment area if needed.You should actually use the service before you start complaining about it -- they appear to have nothing but the best intentions, and are obviously trying to satisfy all packages including yours, so they will no doubt use setting that will get the best possible results.


Not getting what I paid for!!!!I paid for 6 treatments of the Palomar laster!

You missed that! I get to have the last few treatments on some laser that may not work!!! Which, by the way is what happened with the first 6 treatments for which I paid Reveal in full! They knew the laser used wasn't working, but didn't bother to make changes!

Wasting my money and time!!! Get your facts straight!

Call me Victim, fine.Better than than an Unethical Thief!!!!!


You're actually upset because your treatments are being HONORED by a new provider?!?Which means that you don't lose ANY money and GET ALL OF YOUR TREATMENTS.

Wow, some people just love to play the victim. Last time I checked, getting what you paid for does not qualify as getting "screwed out of money or services".

How you can twist an effort to make good on your purchase by a new company into something unethical is truly amazing and completely irrational.This board is intended for ACTUAL consumer issues, not manufactured ones.


.......As is not providing what was paid for at Reveal Medspa, now Medalase!

Misleading is what you are doing to good paying customers that are now screwed out of money and or services, but you can't be blamed, right...because you changed your name!? You have not ethics! Shame on you!


The equipment used by Medalase is state of the art, brand new technology and can be used on all skin types successfully.As with any medical treatment provider, the equipment used in the delivery of services is selected at the sole discretion of the supervising physician (not the client), who in this case is an expert in light based treatments.

Medalase (which is a different company with different ownership than Reveal) is honoring all treatment packages from Reveal, so no one is being "ripped off".While change is sometimes hard, there is nothing unethical about the steps Medalase is to provide your treatments, and your complaint is very misleading.

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Reveal Medspa - won't refund money for unused services

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I signed up for the weightnot program with Reveal MedSpa in the Washington DC area.A few days later I had to move back to my hometown in Idaho to help with my mother who is ill.

I did not use any of the services and called Reveal to request a refund. They said that they would refund my money. The charge was on June 28, 2010 and as of September 22, 2010 I have not seen any refund.

I have called several times and was told that they are backed up and it should happen anyday.They certainly didn't have any issues charging me but seem to have issues in refunding my money.

Review about: Weightnot.



I too had a similiar experience with Reveal.After some success with laser hair removal for my mentally retarded sister with Reveal we purchased another package of services.

Immediately Reveal changed their lasers and she was not able to use the laser. I support my sister and we purchased this service to help with her hygeniene. After two years of no, they finally said yes, and I've been waiting for 6 months for a refund.

I cannot recommend this company to anyone.They've had numerous problems including closing stores, aggressive sales people, etc.


My wife signed up for the WeightNot program, right after they took her money they told her she was not eligible for this program, due to hight blood pressure.They knew of her condition before she gave them her money.

She has been waiting for 10 months for a refund.

They just keep giving her the run around.This Company is a SCAM!!!


I am going on to 8 months waiting for my refund. I had to cancel since I no longer had a job to be keeping up with any payment. I wish there was something we could do.


I too have experienced the same thing with this company.Waiting over 4 months for refund. Just how many people have they promised refunds to that they would have such a back log. Beginning to wonder about this company.

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